Carpet Cleaning

We use state of the art spray extraction techniques to clean your carpets with one of the best cleaning machines in the UK, the Alltec Evolution. This top of the range machine is perfect for a full range of carpets, including carpet tiles and even wool carpets! It also means your carpets are perfectly dry within a few hours. Our equipment is far superior to the machines that can be hired and provides a far greater clean than those companies who use only steam cleaning.

To keep your carpets looking good, prolong their life and keep bacteria at bay we recommend that most carpets are professionally cleaned every year. We also offer specialist protection treatment to help further reduce soiling and staining to your carpets.

All we require is access to two electrical sockets, running water and a disposal point for dirty water which for legal reasons should be your WC. Before your carpet is cleaned please remove breakables and items from tables and other furniture that may be moved us. Remove all small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, etc. in the areas to be cleaned. Also, arrange for pets and children to be away from the area where we are cleaning.

We follow a comprehensive 10 step cleaning programme for all carpets:

1) Pre-survey / inspection

Every great carpet cleaning experience starts with a proper pre-inspection. We will inspect your particular areas of concern as well as noting carpet construction, fibre type and soiling conditions and ascertain just how your expectations can be realised. This also enables us to provide you with our most accurate and best quote.

2) Furniture Moving

Small items of furniture will be carefully moved. Movement of sofas, chairs, beds and tables can be agreed at the pre-inspection and quotation stage. Larger pieces such as wardrobes, bookcases and dressers are usually left in place and protected with disposable blocks and tabs. 

3) Commercial pre-vacuum

Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed with a special Turbine Vacuum System to remove bonded dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning. 

4) Pre-spot & stain treatment

Traffic areas, spots and stains are identified and appropriately pre-treated for a more effective cleaning process.

5) Pre-spray cleaner

We will identify and apply the most appropriate pre-spray solution to each carpet and massage the pile as the cleaner loosens in-ground soil. 

6) Rinse & Extract

Once the soil has been loosened, our warm water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated so that the carpet is not over-wet. As we care about your carpets we ensure that wool carpets are rinsed with warm or hand hot water and that every carpet that we clean is pH balanced to avoid sticky residue being left behind.

7) Post-spot treatment

If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty-spotting techniques are employed. There may be a charge for this service if there are a number of specific stains, which require attention. Note: Permanent stains identified may not be completely removed.

8) Post Grooming

Where required the carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying and visual appeal. Our air circulator may also be used to assist the drying process.

9) Post Inspection

Please walk through your home or business to inspect our work. Let us know, that you are pleased by signing our service receipt. We will advise you of any issues or stains that may not have responded to treatment. Should there be a problem or an area that you are not satisfied with, we will re-clean the area.

10) Apply Anti-Soil Protection (optional)

To keep your carpets looking clean and fresh for longer you have the option for us to apply protector for an additional charge. This helps to repel soil and liquids keeping your carpets looking cleaner for longer and providing valuable cleaning time should an unavoidable spillage occur.

Upholstery Cleaning

All upholstery is cleaned using hand tools to ensure a careful yet thorough clean along with specialised solutions designed for even the most delicate of fabrics.

To keep your suite looking good, prolong its life and keep bacteria at bay we recommend having a professional clean which includes stain protection every one to two years.

Just like our ten step carpet cleaning programme we carry out a comprehensive programme and survey of your upholstery to ensure the best possible result. 

Spot & Stain Removal

The science behind spot and stain removal is actually quite a complex area which involves knowledge of acids, alkalines and the pH scale. Some stains may have altered or even dyed the fibres, they are not removable with just normal cleaning and require specialist treatment to try to remove them.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome when treating a spot or stain we go through a four step process which identifies the following:

1) Stain classification

2) Stain type

3) Stain identification

4) Stain removal solution

We carry a vast range of solutions in order to deal with an extensive variety of spots and stains such as: tea, coffee, chewing gum, rust, red wine, blackcurrant, fizzy drinks, gravy, lipstick, ketchup, paint, blood and urine.

We are unable to guarantee complete removal of all stains as some stains may have caused permanent and irreversible damage although we will be able to provide you with a realistic expectation before starting any work. That said, in most cases we are able to remove the stain or greatly reduce the visibility.

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning requires a similar process to carpet cleaning although we are usually able to carry out an inspection of the underside of the rug to identify stains which may have penetrated through to enable us to treat from both directions. Cleaning methods may vary and include hand cleaning for more delicate rugs or areas.

We are able to clean almost any size rug from a doormat to a large commercial rug covering.

Car Seat Cleaning

Car and vehicle seats are one of our specialities!

Most car seat upholstery is designed to be extremely hard wearing and hide a considerable amount of every day dirt and grime brought into the vehicle. Lets face it, unless we see marks and stains on the seats it tends to be something we don't think about cleaning too often. We're often surprised by the amount of dirt we extract from seats which looked pretty clean to start with but then we remember we are using a top of the range cleaning machine! We are also able to clean carpet mats and boot liners.

Decluttering & Hoarding Help

We offer a decluttering service which can include help to deal with hoarding or a straight forward room re-organisation. This could be in your home or business premises.

We understand that sometimes this can be a difficult and on occasions an emotional step to take and we aim to work in a positive, supportive and confidential manner and most importantly at your pace. Alternatively you may just prefer us to come in and get on with it, either way we are happy to work to your requirements.

Rest assured we are DBS (CRB) checked, which of course offers additional peace of mind to any and all clients.

Our process can include removal of items for charity, disposal or storage, cleaning, reorganisation, carpet cleaning and even redecorating should you require it.

End of Tenancy & Deep Cleans

You may need a deep clean because you're coming to the end of your tenancy or want to get your home looking its best before putting it on the selling market or simply because you feel like a spring clean!

Whatever your reason we are able to offer a deep clean which can also include our other services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning or loft clearance. We can create a bespoke package just for you - please call us to discuss your requirements.

Loft, Garage & Shed Clearance

If your shed, garage or loft need clearing or reorganising then contact us.

Did you know roughly 25% of heat can be lost through an uninsulated loft. Having your loft cleared will enable you to have insulation installed - visit your energy supplier for more information on  insulation or alternatively the Energy Saving Trust for more general information on energy efficiency.

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